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Newsom holds cops and firefighters hostage to get federal cash to hand out to illegals

California governor Gavin Newsom continues to prove he is an evil tyrant willing to use any and all measures to achieve his goals.

Most recently, despite a $54-plus-billion budget deficit, he decided to hand out stimulus relief money to illegal invaders. As soon as word got out about this giveaway for those whose first act on American soil was to break the law, phone lines were overloaded and ultimately crashed as illegals called to find out how they could get their money.

No matter that he’s throwing $500 chunks of money at every illegal invader in his sanctuary state — Newsom is demanding a federal bailout claiming that the feds have a “social responsibility” and a “moral and ethical obligation.”

And if the federal government doesn’t step up and pay, police and firefighters will be the first to go because, apparently, in Newsom’s world, that’s logical and is just how it goes.


Why are first responders first up on the chopping block?

It makes no sense unless you want to use the most critical people and services as hostages.  That’s exactly what Newsom is doing.

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