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Newt Gingrich predicted some disturbing events if Biden wins

Newt Gingrich was one of the guests on Wednesday’s Tucker Carlson show.  As always, everything Gingrich said was interesting.  However, the most critical point he made concerned Carlson’s question about what will happen to Trump-supporters if Democrats sweep the election this November.  Gingrich contends that the Democrats have already demonstrated that they like power and intended to seize it permanently if they control the government in 2021.

Fox has not posted the interview, and there’s no assurance that the video at the bottom of this post will still be available tomorrow.  However, here’s the transcript for that question:

Carlson: Very quickly, I just have to ask you. An MSN anchor tweeted the other day, “At some point, we need truth and reconciliation commissions,” presumably to harass and maybe prosecute Trump supporters. If Biden and Harris win, are Trump supporters in trouble? Sincere question.

Gingrich: Yes. And they’re in trouble because the full power of the state…. Look at Governor Cuomo explaining to the Jewish community that, if they don’t obey him, he’s going to close the synagogues. Look at Governor Whitmer being slapped down by the Michigan Supreme Court because she’s a petty dictator.

Read the full story from American Thinker

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