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Not Guilty: The Tea Party and Violence

Trying to sound nonpartisan on TV, some conservatives and Republicans begin their comments by saying there is too much vitriol and incivility on both sides of the political aisle. Folks, that is simply not true. As a veteran of the Tea Party movement, I can testify that Tea Party people are a class act — salt-of-the-earth, decent, hardworking, respectful and law-abiding Americans. We do not behave like the Democrats’ arrogant Trump-hating domestic terrorists.

When I was nine, I babysat my three younger siblings. Jerry liked to play alone building things in our bedroom. Just to be annoying, David would go into our bedroom and break whatever Jerry built. They would fight. When mom got home from work, both would plead their case. Too tired to figure out the details, mom would punish both boys for fighting. I told mom that was unfair because David started it. In life, there are good guys and bad guys. Democrats/leftists are the bad guys. Tea Party Americans are the good guys.

Democrats/leftists forced their way into our lives, hellbent on breaking traditional Godly principles and values that average Americans hold dear. And yet, with the help of fake news media, Democrats/leftists have deceived many Americans into believing that Conservatives, Republicans, Christians, and Tea Party people are the hateful aggressors. We are not.

We are the ones minding our own business. Meanwhile, Democrats/leftists are demanding that we stop celebrating Christmas and Easter. Democrats/leftists demand that teachers stop addressing students as boys and girls; deeming it hateful and discriminatory. Democrats/leftists are demanding that they be allowed to kill babies even after they are born. Democrats/leftists are demanding that schools assist students with abortions and sex changes without parental knowledge or consent. Democrats/leftists demanded that prayer and Bibles be banned in schools while mandating that LGBTQ lessons become mandatory in public schools. LGBTQ lessons include instructions on rimming, anal sex and using fruit as sex toys.

In response to the spontaneous grassroots birth of the Tea Party, Democrats orchestrated their Occupy Wall Street movement. Fake news media loved it, claiming OWS was morally superior to the Tea Party. Hogwash! OWS deadbeats trashed every site of their events, leaving mountains of trash and human waste. People were raped at OWS camps.

OWS attracted people obsessed with viewing themselves as victims of someone or something. Wacko anti-American, anti-capitalism, pro-socialism and pro-communism zealots found a home in OWS. These deadbeats demanded that government give them the fruit of hardworking American’s labor. OWS minions vandalized private property, which included dumping a bucket of feces in the lobby of a public building.

During the 500 Tea Party rallies I attended on numerous national bus tours, I never witnessed violence coming from our side. Our Tea Party Express tour bus was attacked with eggs and bottles on a few occasions. Outside a St Louis town-hall meeting, a Democrat/leftist hit-squad beat up black vendor Kenneth Gladney, sending him to the emergency room for daring to sell flags which read, “Don’t Tread on Me”.

A million-plus Tea Party people attended our 2010 rally in Washington D.C. to stop ObamaCare. We left the site super clean, the same as we left every site of every rally.

I do not ever recall hearing the ‘f ‘ word spoken from the stage at a Tea Party rally. Our rallies typically began with prayer, our National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance. Years ago, I sang at a Gathering of Eagles rally in Washington DC in support of our troops. Blocks away, a thousand or more Democrats/leftists marched down a street of our nation’s capitol chanting, “F*** George Bush!” Folks, Tea Party people would never be so crude, rude, or disrespectful of the public (children and families). After Trump won the presidency, the Democrats’/leftists’ Woman’s March in D.C. was an orgy of vulgarity and profanity screamed from the stage and praised by fake news media.

Fake news media practically ignored Democrats/leftists marching down a NY street chanting, “What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want it? Now!” And yet, fake news media has deceived many into believing Conservatives and Republicans are the mean-spirited violent aggressors in a leftist assault on our culture. We are not.

Democrats/leftists kidnapped and tortured a disabled man for expressing support for Trump. Seniors wearing MAGA caps are being assaulted and punched in the face. Democrats severely punish young blacks caught wearing MAGA caps. It still blows my mind that Democrats have successfully convinced many blacks that a desire to make our/their homeland great is racist.

Obama told Democrats to get into Republican’s faces. Hillary Clinton told Democrats to be uncivil. Maxine Waters said that upon seeing a Republican at a supermarket, gas station and etc., Democrats should gather a crowd to scream, yell, and humiliate them. Tea Party people would never engage or encourage such mob assaults.

Cops being ambushed and assassinated around the country is the direct result of Democrats/leftists promoting Black Lives Matter’s inflammatory lie that cops murder blacks on site.

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