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One problem solving another? Trump’s trade war keeping Chinese money out of woke US universities

President Trump’s trade war seems to be having a maybe unintended consequence:

According to Axios, the tariffs squeezing the Chinese economy seem to be keeping the Chinese students away:

“After a decade of booming enrollment by students from China, American universities are starting to see steep declines as political tensions between the two countries cut into a major source of tuition revenue,” AP reports.

Why it’s happening: The U.S trade war with China and concerns about national security risks “appear to be accelerating a trend that’s also driven by growing international competition, visa complications and the development of China’s own higher education system,” writes AP.

Chinese students, who are carefully screened by their social-credit government before coming to the U.S., paying full fare, aren’t coming here in quite the numbers they came before.  That’s probably keeping a lot of spies back home, though I imagine that the most important ones get through anyway on their government’s dime, but overall, it might be good news for national security on that front, given that China generally uses the “grain of sand” style of espionage, with each bit player contributing a tiny bit.

Read the full story from American Thinker

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