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Paper That Printed Trump Assassination Fantasy Blames Trump Rhetoric

It’s the New York Times of course.

In the fervid days of Bush Derangement Syndrome, at least the New York Times wasn’t running explicit assassination fantasies. That was left to lesser papers. But now the era of hope, change and raving hatred has truly arrived.

The Russian waited until they were a few steps past before he drew the gun. He sighted on the center of the president’s back, and squeezed the trigger.

The Makarov misfired.

The Secret Service agent at the president’s shoulder heard the click, spun into a crouch. He registered the scene instantly, drawing his own weapon with razor-edge reflexes.

The Russian tasted failure. He closed his eyes and waited to pay the cost.

It did not come.

He opened his eyes. The Secret Service agent stood before him, presenting his Glock, butt first.

“Here,” the agent said politely. “Use mine. …”

In the Obama era, people making fun of him faced DOJ scrutiny. Not only will there be no consequences for this umpteenth example of lefty homicidal assassination fantasies, but the New York Times is now pivoting to blaming Trump’s rhetoric for causing violence.

Here’s Charles Blow, the Cory Booker of the New York Times.

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