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Party of Progressive Predators Fights for Feminism

Bill Clinton is getting standing ovations on Broadway. The icon of feminism whose abuses of women are no longer even a matter of debate, but have been admitted to by the same media outlets that spent a generation covering them up, is still ridiculously popular with the same urbanites who tweet #MeToo.

Al Franken is nearly as popular as Bill. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand sank her presidential ambitions the moment that she condemned his groping of numerous women. Top lefty donors, including George Soros and Susie Tompkins Buell, picked a serial groper over a female politician who stood up to him.

Their lionizing of Bill Clinton and intimidation of Gillibrand sends a message to women who have been assaulted by a Democrat that they should keep their mouths shut because no one will believe them anyway.

The Democrats have become a party of predators because their Ted Kennedys keep getting away with it.

The Chairman of the California Democratic Party, Eric Bauman, is headed to rehab after being accused of unwanted touching and sexual harassment of both men and women. Going to rehab after you’ve been caught behaving badly is a classic Dem movie. Just ask Anthony Weiner and Harvey Weinstein.

California Dems were at the center of the #MeToo firestorm, but faced very few consequences. The Democrats have turned California into a single party state and ran in the midterms on claims that they were protecting women. The question, as usual, is who was protecting women from the Democrats?

It wasn’t all that long ago that San Diego’s Democrat mayor had gone down for going after everyone from a 67-year old grandmother to sexual assault victims. His favorite moves included putting women in headlocks or locking them in the kitchen and demanding that they “make love” to him.

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