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Pelosi’s deceptive ‘impeachment vote’

Speaker Pelosi is playing word games, trying to pull a fast one on the Republicans, the American people, and the Constitution by appearing to “authorize” a formal impeachment inquiry, while not actually passing an impeachment resolution that would trigger rights for Republican House members to call witnesses and issue subpoenas.

That is why, when ambushed by NBC News, she was careful to make a distinction and say “It is not an impeachment resolution.”  It was a walk-by comment:

Audio quality is very poor as she was rapidly walking past microphones, so listen carefully:

As so often is the case, Sundance of The Last Refuge (aka, The Conservative Treehouse) has done a close analysis of the details.

Speaker Pelosi is holding a vote, a resolution, to affirm her previous declaration of a House “inquiry”….   Pelosi is not delivering a House “Resolution on Impeachment” for a vote, because if she did hold a vote on an impeachment resolution, the minority and the Executive branch would gain rights therein.

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