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Philip Haney’s Paul Revere Ride To Warn Michigan Voters About Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed

Our friend Philip Haney, retired DHS terrorist investigator, is on a mission to help the voters of Michigan understand Political Islam and its potential impact on the outcome of the August 7th Michigan Primary election.

Why Michigan?

Because Michigan’s history has produced the perfect storm where an extreme Leftist Democrat, who is also a Sharia-compliant Muslim, could become the next Governor of the Wolverine State. His name is Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed and he can win and accelerate the Balkanization of America.

Philip Haney says his oath “to preserve and protect America from all enemies foreign and domestic” is still on active duty. Haney’s goal is to wake up sleeping citizens so they come to understand the enemies within, so that they exercise their right to vote to preserve our sovereignty.

Haney has been in Michigan since the beginning of June and will remain in the state through the August 7thPrimary. He has participated in national webinars showcasing the only candidate for Governor brave enough to stand against Sharia – the Islamic Law that is complied with every day in Michigan by thousands of Muslim residents who have immigrated and produced 2nd and 3rd generations of mosque-attending Sharia-compliant residents. That candidate, says Haney, is Republican Patrick Colbeck.

Why is Abdulrahman Mohamed El Sayed such a threat to constitutional liberty?

As Michigan’s star conservative commentator Jen Kuznicki documented, El Sayed was born in 1984 in Detroit to parents who immigrated from Egypt to America in the 1970’s.

El Sayed holds dual Egyptian and American citizenship. According to interviews, El Sayed stated that his father left Egypt because he felt he was unable to practice his religion properly in Egypt, meaning secular Egypt was not “Islamic” enough for him.

The couple immigrated in what is known as the third wave of immigration to Detroit from the Middle East, and the father, an engineer, eventually worked for GM, and is a part-time Imam.

El Sayed attended the University of Michigan and received a B.S. in political science and biology. He then attained a doctorate in philosophy from Oxford University while simultaneously earning a medical degree from Columbia University. The funding for the latter was provided the Soros Fellowship for New Americans, which is run by the brother of the infamous George Soros, Paul, and is awarded to immigrant children for postgraduate study. He is also a Rhodes Scholar.

It is also worth noting that during his college days Abdulrahman Mohamed El Sayed was a leader in the Muslim Students Association; the same Muslim Brotherhood front organization that recruited radical Islamist Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi while he was a student at the University of Southern California.

El Sayed’s chosen field after all of that education is “social epidemiology.”  Social epidemiology is not a scientific medical field, it is a social justice field of research and abstract theory.

In fact, wrote Kuznicki, the International Journal of Epidemiology scoffs at social epidemiology, saying “Stretching borders between epidemiology as a biomedical discipline and sociology only leads to trivial statements, useless for society.”

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