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Plastic Bags Have Lobbyists. They’re Called Supermarket Shoppers

The existence of this Politico story is a testament to two interrelated phenomena.

1. The inability in D.C. to understand views as driven by anything other than political campaigns and lobbying.

2. The inability to understand any views other than leftist ones

And so, “Plastic bags have lobbyists. They’re winning.” manages to push the bag ban in page after page, while portraying the continued existence of plastic bags as a vast conspiracy by a plastics lobby, without ever once acknowledging that ordinary human beings, the kind who actually shop in stores and need bags to carry those groceries home with them, might actually find them really useful.

The closest the ridiculous article, which took 3 writers to mash together, comes is when it briefly notes that, “With the bag fee poised to take effect, state Sen. Simcha Felder — an influential Democratic lawmaker who at the time caucused with Republicans — won a measure to block it, making his point by brandishing a loaf of Wonder bread and a carton of eggs.”

Read the full story from Front Page Mag

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