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President Trump – Fight Fire with Fire

In the months leading up to the 2016 elections we had waves of “unaccompanied minors” (a/k/a “the children”) flamboyantly crossing our borders. They’re still here.

Now in the months leading up to the 2018 midterms we have entire “families” flamboyantly approaching the border in “caravans” – organized, aided and abetted by some group calling itself Pueblo Sin Fronteras.  Presumably it is another of the AstroTurf groups funded by George Soros et als. (Query why these groups U.S. operations aren’t being prosecuted for conspiracy?  Paging Attorney General Sessions …Hello?  Hello? Is anybody home?)

Keep in mind that this all fits the usual Leftist / Progressive tactic of escalation.  This latest wave is a test, and if even only partially successful — even if that initial “success” is only to create a media controversy for the “mainstream media” to gin-up Democrat turnout in November and take the House (if not the Senate too) — more waves will follow. Ever-larger waves.  Tidal waves.  Tsunamis of illegal aliens engulfing our country.

This first horde approaching the U.S. border is being trained to ask for “asylum” and request “refugee status.”  In the “catch and release” model – recently expanded by the Ryan-McConnell omnibus bill – they will be released into the United States, without “extreme vetting.” Some years from now they’ll be summoned to court to process their refugee application.  As asylum seekers and “refugees” they become “legal” residents of the United States – able to work (those that choose to) and get “benefits” (welfare).


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