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President Trump is trying to revive the economy while Illinois and other blue states are actively seeking to keep it in depression

In Illinois, our legislature just had a grueling four days in Springfield where they passed whatever they wanted. When Democrats have huge majorities in the House and Senate and control the governor’s mansion, it is not tough to pass what the speaker of over thirty years wants.

Illinois has a constitution that requires a balanced budget, so the budget they passed borrowed $5 billion from the federal government and left a $6 billion deficit.  We have hundreds of billions in actual debt and unfunded liabilities; how is this in adherence to the constitution?

Since the work was so tough, the legislators gave themselves an almost 3% raise. Everyone should remember that while the Democrats intentionally keep millions unemployed in Illinois and tens of thousands of businesses closed or in limited capacity, almost every state employee, whether essential or non-essential, gets paid and gets raises and their generous benefits. The private sector is clearly expendable to Democrats.

The legislature was able to come up with detailed language on a constitutional amendment to change the income tax system from a flat tax to a graduated tax. Here is how specific it is.

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