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Puppet Biden promises a command and control economy

The most recent video of Biden struggling to read off a teleprompter indicates that his mental battery, always low, is trending towards a zero percent charge. This makes him the perfect mouthpiece for the hard leftists who are handling his campaign and who dream of a perfect coming together of government and unions, with private ownership taking its marching orders from them. Biden’s plan is pure fascism, albeit with the lust for world domination.

Before getting to the meat of this post, and while we’re on the subject of fascism, it’s worth noting that today’s Democrat party, like the National Socialists of a country and era I won’t mention here, is awash in racial obsessions. Moreover, it’s not just categorizing races for fun and profit. Its thought leaders engage in virulent race-hatred and stereotyping.

Thus, a Black Lives Leader in Toronto posted on Facebook that whites are “genetic defects” and that, ideally, they should be wiped out. Anti-Semitism is also central to the new Democrat party, whether it’s the obeisance to Al Sharpton or the vile statements from pro athletes. Fascism starts as an economic principle but, once it’s achieved control over people, there’s no telling where it will go.

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