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‘Racist!’ The word that has been stripped of all meaning.

It should be clear to all Americans by now that the word the left loves to spew indiscriminately — racism — often now means nothing, absolutely nothing.  That word is meant to be an accusation of the worst order, an epithet that is supposed to destroy all those so charged.  But now it’s used so frequently, it has no meaning at all.  It’s like the f-word, overused and merely a sign of one’s lack of a wider vocabulary.  Like the overused f-word, calling someone a ‘racist’ is a sign of sloppy, uncritical thinking.  The word “racist” now means nothing more than any other bit of profanity hurled at those whom lefties have been directed to hate.  As the eminent Charles Kesler said a few weeks ago, it just an all-purpose epithet.  Martin Luther King, Jr., someone who knew about real racists, would have been appalled by the cheapening […]

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