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Red Bull gores cancel culture

One of the most disheartening things about the march of the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement is the way it’s been shaking down corporate America. There is hope, though. The first sign that the worm was turning was the hugely successful “buycott” when Goya Food’s CEO,  Robert Unanue, refused to bow down to the cancel culture mob. Now there’s news that Red Bull not only refused to bow down, but it also launched a counterattack.

As we all know from the junk mail filling our inboxes over the last six weeks, American businesses have desperately tried to stave off a BLM attack against their companies by buying into its shtick and, more importantly, promising it money. Their attitude, no doubt, has been aided by the numerous fairly recent college graduates filling middle and upper-middle management.

Enter Red Bull, the Austrian-owned energy drink company. But first, a little background:

Amy Taylor, a 1993 graduate of James Madison University in Virginia, is out and proud. Knowing these facts — recent(ish) college grad; part of the LGBT spectrum — it’s almost predictable that, when Taylor joined Red Bull’s marketing division, she would found and sponsor an “Inclusion and Diversity.”

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