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Shifty Schiff to Senate: Please give us evidence to make our case

The Democrats and their lapdog media, led by Adam Schiff, AKA Shifty Schiff, lectured us for the past three years that President Trump must be impeached and removed because they had clear, compelling evidence that President Trump committed impeachable crimes.

Now that the impeachment trial has started, Shifty Schiff is arguing that the Senate must subpoena documents and witnesses to prove the Democrats’ impeachment articles.  What happened to their “evidence”?

The premise of the Shifty argument is that President Trump must be guilty of something, so there must evidence somewhere to prove it.  Democrats want the Senate to issue subpoenas so they can rummage through documents and question witnesses in the hope of finding something they can use.  The logical question is, why and how do the Democrats believe that President Trump is guilty if they have no evidence that proves that President Trump is guilty?  If they had such evidence, they would present it instead of whining for subpoenas.

The Shifty Democrats know there is no such evidence because they know that President Trump did not commit an impeachable offense.  If there were evidence of guilt then the Democrats would have it. […]

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