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Should we expect a Trump dynasty?

American political dynasties follow certain rules, at the presidential level.  There is an interval between the presidencies of a dynasty, and each generation must have political achievements of its own.  The office has never been inherited.  That smacks of monarchy, which Americans have no use for.

John Quincy Adams served 28 years after his father and was secretary of state.  William Henry Harrison served 48 years before his grandson Benjamin.  There were eight years between the Bushes.

Would-be dynasties follow the same rules.  Bobby Kennedy ran five years after his brother’s assassination and was a U.S. senator from New York.  Hillary waited eight years after her husband’s presidency and was secretary of state.  Jeb! Bush also waited eight years and had been governor of Florida.

The Republican candidate in 2024 will run on President Trump’s record and, if successful, will serve for eight years.  So 2032 would be […]


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