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Shrewd as a fox: Does Ocasio-Cortez want Trump to win in 2020?

Anyone who has seriously played deep-strategy games such as chess and Othello recognizes the importance of making a counter-intuitive move that, although in the short-term seems to lose, does in the long-term set up a win.  In chess, this is called a gambit, often involving the short-term sacrifice of a valuable piece or position.  The winning advantage of a successful gambit becomes clear only later in the game.

Granted, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) does not seem to have the intellect required of subtle strategy, but her behind-the scenes handlers may be politically astute enough to know that in order for the far left to triumph in 2024, the Democratic Establishment must first be dethroned in 2020.  A Democrat win in 2020 would firmly ensconce that very establishment, the one vying for power against “the squad,” which Ocasio-Cortez leads, at least in the public mind.

In support of this theory, consider that, inadvertently, the Republicans […]


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