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Single payer? Elizabeth Warren lets slip that she’ll ram it down our throats whether we like it or not

As things stand now, Elizabeth Warren seems to be the broad winner of the four rounds of Democratic debates. Despite her fussy, fulminating, shaky old Granny Warren demeanor, her plans were more developed than most, and she gave more cerebral detail about what she really wanted. Which among many things included socialized medicine, even for illegals, via single payer.

Warren was steady, she didn’t flip flop between debates like Kamala Harris. She didn’t try to run from her record like Joe Biden. She didn’t wave dreamy magic wands of Utopia like Bernie Sanders. She didn’t flow with the crowd on out-socialisting her rivals like the rest of them. She was the benchmark and the rest were trying to catch up to her, generally speaking.

So when asked about those sweeping, society-overturning, socialized medicine plan of hers, and how she’d implement it, asked oh so solicitously by former Obama operative David Axelrod, Warren responded with a justification that would make an icy commissar smile.

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