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Slow Week for Fear Mongering? Far Left ADL Claims 1980’s McDonald’s Commercial, ‘Okay’ Sign, and Bowl Cuts Are Hate Symbols

The Anti-Defamation League, clearly running out of ideas, has added a slew of innocuous items to its “hate symbols” database,” including bowl cuts, the “OK” hand gesture, and a character from a 1980s McDonalds commercial.

The far-left has long been pushing a lie that people, including this reporter, have made the “okay” hand sign in photos to signal support for white supremacy. In reality, supporters of the president began doing this because Trump commonly uses it in speeches when making a point.

Naturally, if Trump supporters are doing something, it must be nefarious. Reporters seeking to demonize the dreaded “red hats” got their wish when a 4Chan troll created a meme claiming that the gesture symbolized “White Power.” The trolls hoped left-wingers […]

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