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Snowflake crybully wants people to stop wearing red caps because she feels triggered by MAGA hats

Normally, I wouldn’t comment on a ridiculous demand from a leftist who feels triggered by something conservatives do and wants everyone to change their behavior so her emotional stability won’t be threatened any longer. But this snowflake bully is a serious author, a winner of many literary awards, and the demand is utterly, mind-bogglingly stupid.

Check out what Rebecca Makkai wants:

Don’t you love the appropriation of the title “normal” by someone who cannot cope with a primary color?

She doubled down on her idiocy:

And went full Swastika on Trump:

This is an example of solipsism, a philosophical concept one’s own mind is the only thing a person can know exists, from which many corollaries follow. But it is most quickly grasped visually:

Read the full story from American Thinker

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