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So David Hogg thinks that he wants to be an entrepreneur…

David Hogg in 2019 (Photo credit: Lorie Schaull CC BY-2.license)

David Hogg, the former student at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward County Florida during the lethal school shooting there, has a knack for publicity. He parlayed his attendance on that awful day into fame as a gun control advocate, an acceptance at Harvard, and co-authorship of a book. Now, apparently seeking vengeance on Mike Lindell for being a pro-Trump advocate of the thesis that there was serious vote fraud behind Joe Biden’s electoral victory in 2020, Hogg announced plans to start a rival pillow company. Before he had a product, before he had a manufacturing site, before he even had a name for the product or for the company.

Jim Treacher of PJM has a delightful takedown of Hogg, using his own and tweets.

You can almost see the cartoon thought-balloon over Hogg’s adorable little head: “Hey, if a crazy crackhead can become a multimillionaire by making pillows, how tough can it be?” Unfortunately, young Mr. Hogg is quickly discovering exactly how tough it can be. And thanks to the modern miracle of Twitter, we can watch him sink into a pit of disillusioned despair in real-time.

Read the full story from American Thinker

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