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The Character of Ted Cruz

Democrats launched an initiative attacking Ted Cruz’s character for backing Trump because they opposed each other so passionately during the presidential primary. Folks, Cruz’s willingness to move beyond the bad blood between him and the president for the good of America confirms the greatness of Cruz’s character. Too many politicians have the attitude that everything is about them, screw what is best for America.

Outrageously, there are GOP politicians working to undermine Trump’s America-First agenda simply because they do not like Trump. Folks that is the epitome of political narcissism and lack of character.

Cruz is on board with Trump because he realizes Trump is doing a remarkable job for America. Our Conservative Campaign Committee attended Ted Cruz’s rally in Amarillo, Texas. Cruz touted all the great achievements of the Trump administration for We the People. Excitedly, Cruz shared that unemployment for blacks, Hispanics, women, and Asians is at historic lows.

Numerous times the crowd of almost a thousand spontaneously chanted, “Thank you, Ted!,” “Build the wall!,” “Six more years!,” and “USA!” When Ted mentioned Hillary, they chanted, “Lock her up!” Among the sea of Ted Cruz signs, caps, and t-shirts, I saw Trump MAGA caps and t-shirts. Numerous people wore t-shirts which read, “God + Guns and Trump.” Clearly, the rally attendees were excited about Cruz and Trump working together; keeping Cruz in the Senate to keep Texas red and continue Trump’s agenda.

Cruz mentioned that he and Trump worked together on Trump’s massive tax cut while on Air Force One. These two former passionate opponents working together for the good of their country illustrates the great character we should expect in all our politicians, but rarely see. Cruz and Trump forgiving each other shows their submission to God’s command that Christians forgive and love one another. Evil Democrats seek to spin Cruz and Trump’s biblical behavior of forgiveness into a negative.

During his introduction of Ted Cruz at the rally, the emcee praised Cruz for remaining a Texan while in Washington, DC; keeping his promise to fight for principles and values Texans and a majority of Americans hold dear. The crowd responded with cheers and applause. Numerous times we who love freedom and America have worked our butts off to send conservatives to Washington, DC only to be betrayed. Cruz remaining faithful and true to his constituents is another example of his outstanding character.

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