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The Difference Between Censorship and Content Moderation Is Scale

“Content Moderation Isn’t “Censorship.” It’s What Built The Internet,” is another bad faith argument courtesy of The Bulwark: the home of anti-conservatives pretending to be conservatives while being funded by a radical leftist.

Bad faith arguments are the only kind that The Bulwark specializes in.

The difference between content moderation and censorship is scale. When I decide that some comments posted to my blog shouldn’t go up, that’s moderation. If I were to try to control all the comments across the internet, that would be censorship.

A newspaper deciding which letters to print is excercising control over its own forum. A syndicate that gained control over all the papers in order to suppress dissenting political views and promote its slate of candidates, and then colluded to shut down all opposition outlets, would be engaged in censorship.

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