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The fiction of manmade global warming

There is absolutely no way that so-called greenhouse gas emissions can cause warming or generate heat. It is a fiction that is spread by such august bodies as the IPCC and promulgated by news channels like the BBC and CNN and is even taught to unsuspecting children in schools.  Far from greenhouse gas emissions generating heat, precisely the opposite is true.

What is the principal greenhouse gas? It is water vapor, which constitutes 90% of all greenhouse gases. How is it generated? As the infrared radiation from the Sun strikes the surface of the oceans, liquid saltwater is turned into a gas, water vapor, by evaporation. Evaporation is cooling, not warming — every simpleton knows that.

This gas, water vapor, then rises up by convection and condenses into clouds. Clouds are also cooling as they scatter the incoming solar infrared radiation. Then rain, snow, or sleet falls from these clouds. What is a common observation, most remarkably in summer? The temperature drops, as the atmosphere cools rapidly. So here we see that the principle “greenhouse gas” leads to cooling all round. It is hardly surprising that we do not hear calls for emissions of water vapor to be culled.

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