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The Impossibility of Disproving an Accusation

Ignore the politics of the Kavanaugh case.

Ignore the fact that the Dem opposition decided to go with sexual assault accusations because they fit nicely with their larger message targeting a Trump nominee as a threat to feminism and abortion rights.

What we’re really seeing is the impossibility of proving or disproving an accusation when there’s no physical evidence. Add on decades to it and the impossibility becomes nearly total. Add on a well-funded system for making the accusation and it becomes devastating.

This is a problem that goes beyond Brett Kavanaugh and the political battle around him. It pervades the culture of the #MeToo movement, of campus kangaroo courts and the rest of the infrastructure of #BelieveAllWomen.

The impossibility of proving or disproving such accusations has led to an insistence that the burden of proof (for the sake of fairness) must be shifted from the accuser to the accused. Kavanaugh, like so many others, must prove he didn’t do anything wrong.

And, the only way to do that is for the accuser to name a date and place where the accused couldn’t have been, or for the accused to have always been accompanied by witnesses through that date and in that place.

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