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The Left’s Religious War Against America

69% of progressives are ashamed to be Americans, but 63% are proud of their political ideology instead. The majority don’t attend religious services, but 73% list politics as their preoccupation.

Religiously unaffiliated voters are the most excited about attending political rallies and marches.

Numbers from one poll showed that, “religiously unaffiliated Democrats were more than twice as likely to have attended a rally within the past 12 months compared with their religious peers” and were “significantly more likely to have contacted an elected official or to have donated to a candidate or cause” or “bought or boycotted a product for political reasons or posted political opinions online”.

They’re also far more likely to be angry over Trump than Democrats who do have religious beliefs. Studies may label them secular, but they are animated by all the convictions of a political religion.

Political participation gives their lives meaning. It offers them the opportunity to save the world. Republicans are not just political opponents, but religious foes who threaten the planet’s survival.

And what do their political beliefs tell them about the traditional great questions answered by religion?

86% believe that people’s outcomes are beyond their control. 75% believe that outcomes are caused by luck and circumstance. 94% are convinced that government should take more responsibility for people.

They believe that life is arbitrary and meaningless, except for the order imposed by government.

Government is their god and politics is their religion. Political power is their creed and their cult.

These are some of the numbers emerging from, “Hidden Tribes: A Study of America’s Polarized Landscape” and a PRRI poll.  Most of what it tells us, we already know. The self-described progressives are more likely to be white and wealthy. They believe in speech codes, white privilege and sexism. And their beliefs are wildly out of step with the national average which usually falls somewhere in the middle.

While the left utterly dominates the national discourse through its control of the media, academia and the culture, its views, presented as unambiguously correct on campuses, in magazines and by celebrities, are extreme and shared by at best half the population. Half the country believes that immigration is a problem, that paranoia over sexual harassment is a problem, and that oversensitivity to Muslims has gone too far. The vast majority also believes that political correctness is a threat.

88% of American Indians, 87% of Hispanics, 82% of Asians, 79% of white people and 75% of black people believe that political correctness is a problem. Only 30% of progressives do. That’s what skews the numbers for white respondents below those of other minority groups on political correctness.

Despite their phony representationist gimmicks, the left is as white as a Bernie Sanders rally.

The problem isn’t just that leftists disagree with the rest of the country on free speech. It’s that they use their cultural power to control speech by manufacturing a fake consensus using the media and by imposing actual speech codes on campuses and in workplaces that punish the speech of the majority.

Political correctness isn’t the response of a tolerant majority, nor of a persecuted minority. It’s the cynical ploy by wealthy white leftist activists to protect the illusion that they are the majority.

That’s not new. Every totalitarian regime does this. But that’s not what America is supposed to be.

Speech control is crucial to the left because its real power, like that of every tyranny, lies in controlling the machinery of discourse. And as long as the skinny arm of the left holds the lever, it can go on lying to the rest of the country, not just with the manufactured consensus of their beliefs, which are actually baked in lefty think tanks in Washington D.C. and spread through the bicoastal media, but about itself.

The left tells Americans that it is a grass roots movement, when it’s actually an organized infrastructure of groups funded by billionaires through a secretive and complex methodology that makes the mob look honest. It tells Americans that the media is a non-partisan public service, when it’s actually the communications arm of the left. But, most of all, it tells Americans that it’s the majority.

And that’s a lie.

Populists scare the left, not because populism has anything to do with fascism. The Nazis were declining in popularity when Hitler played on the fears of the political establishment to get a position he was never elected to. Then he used fake news, political terror and a manufactured crisis to build up his power and suppress the political opposition.

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