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The More Iran Lies, The Better the Iran Deal Gets

Lying nuclear liars and the radioactive lies they tell.

After Israel’s Netanyahu unveiled 100,000 files proving the existence of Iran’s secret nuclear weapons program, the Iran Deal’s defenders insisted that they had always known that Iran was lying.

Secretary of State John Kerry, Iran Scam echo chamber boss Ben Rhodes, Ploughshares boss Joe Cirincione, the Iran Lobby funders of deal propaganda, and dozens of others all coordinated around the same message. There was nothing new in the 100,000 files. They knew this all along.

And their echo chamber swiftly followed that with, “But that’s why we need the Iran Deal.”

The revelations about Iran’s nuclear program “prove” that we need an agreement that, as Obama admitted, would give it a zero breakout time to a nuclear bomb in a little over a decade.

According to Iran’s atomic boss though, it could start producing weapons-grade material in 5 days.

Whom do you believe?

The Iran Deal lobby says that we shouldn’t believe Iran, but we should rely on the liars who have been lying on its behalf to work the deal on our behalf. How do you make a deal with liars you can’t trust?

Transparency and serious inspections of Iran’s nuclear sites: two things that the Iran Deal doesn’t have.

The first thing the Iran Deal did was lock away gobs of information, including about its own side deals. The IAEA’s inspections and Joint Commission’s proceedings are secret. The IAEA puts out information, like the number of inspections, but without specific locations, they have no context or meaning.

Announcing that there were 25 snap inspections is meaningless without knowing where they happened.

It’s the Iranians who usually make specific claims, like refusing to allow IAEA inspectors to visit military bases, while the IAEA offers general statements about being able to visit all the sites that it wants to.

The two claims aren’t contradictory if you assume that the IAEA doesn’t make the Iranians do anything that they don’t want to do. Does the IAEA visit sites that Iran doesn’t want it to? Good question.

The IAEA is vague. Iran is specific.

“The Americans will take their dream of visiting our military and sensitive sites to their graves … It will never happen,” Ali Akbar Velayati, a top ally of Iran’s ruler, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said.

And if Iran has its way and its nuclear program continues, there will be plenty of American graves.

The Iran Deal gives us a choice between believing two sets of liars.

Iran lied about its nuclear weapons program. The Iran Deal lobby lied about stopping that program. It told us to believe that Iran didn’t want nuclear weapons. Now it’s telling us that it never believed that.

They say it doesn’t matter that Netanyahu proved that Iran can’t be trusted not to pursue nuclear weapons, because the Iran Deal provides for a “robust” self-inspection process that will stop Iran.

“Robust.” That’s the Iran Deal echo chamber’s favorite adjective, for the inspections of Iran’s nukes.

“The most robust and intrusive inspections and transparency regime ever,” Obama called it, “The most robust inspections and verification regime that we’ve ever had,” Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Iran echo chamber coordinator, claimed. And now it’s even more robust. “FACT: the #IranDeal mandates the most robust nuclear inspections ever peacefully negotiated,” Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz tweeted.

FACT: Obama, Rhodes and Moniz had already been caught lying about the Iran Deal. All you had to do was listen to the words coming out of their mouths at various times and compare them to each other.

“It cuts off all of Iran’s pathways to a bomb,” Obama claimed of the deal. But he had also admitted that it would give Iran a zero breakout time to a bomb. Both statements can’t be true.

“Under this deal you will have anywhere, anytime 24/7 access,” Ben Rhodes told CNN. A few months later, he also told CNN, “We never sought in this negotiation the capacity for so-called anytime, anywhere where you could basically go anywhere in the country.”

Moniz, whom the Iran Deal echo chamber trotted out as their expert, didn’t just lie to the media. He had already been caught lying to the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee when he claimed that Iran would only be allowed to keep “only 300 kilograms of low (3.67 percent) enriched uranium hexafluoride, and will not exceed this level for fifteen years.”

The truth was that a secret exemption allowed Iran to stockpile “unknown quantities” of LEU.

The Iran Deal lobby has admitted that we can’t believe Iran. And we can’t believe them either. The only thing the lobby does is spin the miserable scam with identical statements that tell the same lie.

And the Iran Deal echo chamber isn’t just domestic, it’s international. Compare the German and British statements after Netanyahu’s revelations. Two independent countries putting out the same spin.

“It is clear that the international community had doubts that Iran was carrying out an exclusively peaceful nuclear program,” the German government spokesman declared. “It was for this reason the nuclear accord was signed in 2015, including the implementation of an unprecedented, thorough and robust surveillance system by the International Atomic Energy Agency.”

“We have never been naive about Iran and its nuclear intentions,” the British government spokesman said. “That is why the IAEA inspection regime agreed as part of the Iran nuclear deal is one of the most extensive and robust in the history of international nuclear accords.”

It’s the same exact statement with a few words swapped around to account for linguistic differences. If you want to take two hours to vanish down an Orwellian rabbit hole, you’ll find that foreign policy experts, countries, government agencies, non-profit organizations and media outlets have put out statements, headlines and quotes that are minor rewordings of the same original statement.

The talking points are certainly robust; so is the secrecy and lack of transparency of the Iran Deal. And the lies.

In 2015, IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano announced that the IAEA had inspected the Parchin site, a likely home of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Here’s how the incredibly robust inspection process went, according to Amano. “The Agency has, in certain circumstances, permitted States’ representatives to carry out activities in support of the Agency’s verification work… In the case of Parchin, the Iranian side played a part in the sample-taking process by swiping samples.”

What that actually meant was that the Iranians took the samples and gave them to the IAEA.

According to Iran’s atomic spokesman, the samples were collected “in the absence of the inspectors affiliated to the International Atomic Energy Agency.”


Once again, do you believe Iran or do you believe the deal liars lying on its behalf? Either Iran is lying about the nuclear inspection process or the Iran Deal echo chamber is lying about the same thing.

Or, they’re both lying.

When Prime Minister Netanyahu put out information about Iran’s nuclear program, he smashed the informational blockade of the IAEA. And all the Iran Deal echo chamber had to counter it was spin.

The media told us that we shouldn’t believe Netanyahu, but we should believe the echo chamber.

The Iran Deal echo chamber quickly trotted out fake experts like Ernest Moniz, who had already been caught lying to the Senate, and disgraced former Mossad boss Danny Yatom. Yatom’s attacks on Netanyahu’s revelations were promoted by the echo chamber. It neglected to mention that that Yatom had been forced to resign from the Mossad after a massive intelligence failure back in the 90s.

Not only isn’t his knowledge current, but he had been appointed by radical appeasement lefty Prime Minister Peres and some of his Mossad subordinates deemed him unqualified. Yatom’s poor decisions put the lives of Mossad agents at risk and he blamed Netanyahu for his political downfall. After being forced to resign under pressure by senior Mossad figures, he ended up serving for only two years.

After a mediocre political career in the lefty Labor Party, Yatom ricocheted between dubious business ventures and then became an Israel critic. Yatom, like other ex-security bosses doing the anti-Israel tour, proved Samuel Johnson wrong. Patriotism isn’t the last refuge of a scoundrel. Anti-patriotism is.

How is a disgraced Mossad boss who only served two years in the 90s supposed to have more credibility than the current Prime Minister of Israel and the current head of the Mossad?

The Iran Deal echo chamber’s informational warfare is a mile wide and an inch deep. It relies on fake factoids, on general assertions that lack specific details and on fake experts from its echo chamber.

And, mostly, it relies on lies.

Who would believe a liar? Other liars. The Iran Deal echo chamber consists of liars telling lies to other liars who then retweet them or interview them while complimenting their excellent lying skills.

The Iran Deal has been built on lies. But it’s not hard to find the truth.

You can look at Iran’s ballistic missile program, at 100,000 files that forced the echo chamber to admit that Iran’s nuclear ambitions are military or listen to its Supreme Leader chanting, “Death to America.”

Lies are complicated. The truth is simple.



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Want more BFT? Leave us a voicemail on our page or follow us on Twitter @BFT_Podcast and Facebook @BluntForceTruthPodcast. We want to hear from you! There’s no better place to get the #BluntForceTruth.