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The Most Anti-Conservative Company in America is Making a Big Move

“You better consider the economic consequences of your social and political advocacy,” Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff warned conservative states.

It was 2016 and the smirking bearded billionaire was fresh off his war against conservative states, most notably Indiana, which had dared to pass laws protecting religious freedom against his wishes.

The portly billionaire with a scraggly beard and a social justice brand that covers his ruthlessness in his business dealings responded by announcing a boycott of Indiana until it backed off religious freedom.

That same year, the Hillary Clinton backer also decided to threaten the state of Georgia.

“Salesforce’s Marc Benioff Has Kicked Off New Era of Corporate Social Activism,” the Wall Street Journal gushed. “Salesforce’s Benioff is brave to fight for social justice,” the Telegraph twittered.

“CEOs have the ability to use their businesses as a platform for change,” Benioff had declared.

Change is supposed to happen via the ballot box, and the corporate coup against representative government that corporate activism represents is a fundamental threat to a free country.

“The AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America.  Ban it,” Benioff had tweeted in 2018.

A year later, Salesforce, a dominant force in the CRM space, banned businesses that sell a variety of firearms from using its force. Salesforce’s war against the First Amendment had transitioned smoothly from a campaign against the Second Amendment using its power as leverage.

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