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The Politicization of Everything Makes Everyone a Politician

There used to be a double standard for politicians. And it wasn’t in their favor.

While it would have been wildly inappropriate to pry into the personal lives and private financial dealings of random people, to reprint their damning off-the-cuff remarks in the papers, and to do everything possible to cause them to lose their jobs, politicians were considered fair game.

Politicians were public servants, they wielded political power and only the public could fire them. In a power struggle between the second and fourth estates, the third estate of the public got the final vote.

The politicization of everything by the left means that everyone is treated like a politician. Politics isn’t just something that happens in the White House or at campaign headquarters, it’s everywhere. Every interaction, activity or opinion, private or public, is invested with political meaning. Shopping habits endanger the planet. Any conversation with a member of another race, gender or category contains hidden racial, sexual and other undercurrents that express power relationships and potential abuses.

Everyone is expected to closely monitor the political meanings of their actions or face political scandals. But, unlike politicians, members of the public don’t work for the public or wield political power and they can be fired by their employers rather than by the voters at the polls. The usual justifications that allowed the media to go after politicians don’t apply to their new, ordinary and all too human targets.

The politicization of everything is the first step to the complete loss of personal and political freedom.

The media eagerly goes after Twitter users and random people caught in a moment of rudeness on camera the way that it targeted politicians and celebrities. Opposition research, once limited to politicians or corporate rivals, is now directed at ordinary people who fall afoul of political correctness.

In a typical example, the Huffington Post, owned by Verizon,  exposed the identity of AmyMek, a Twitter user retweeted by Trump, getting her husband fired from his job and harassing members of her family. This type of opposition research directed at ordinary people who happen to be politically active, but without occupying any formal position beyond social media influencer, has become commonplace.

But you don’t have to be politically active to be a target. The latest racial witch hunt has targeted white people accused of offending black people in any way. A Portland vegan bakery fired two female employees for following store policy by refusing service to a customer after closing time. The customer was black and live streamed her rant about black fragility on Facebook. The media quickly took her side.

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