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The Rainbow Coalition Part 17: Stealth Socialist Steve Phillips And Subodh Chandra Work To Swing Ohio Left

The Rainbow Coalition Part 16 here.

Steve Phillips’ plan to turn Ohio permanently blue is clear. Use the Marxist Ohio Organizing Collaborative to maximize the minority vote. Use leftist lawyer Subodh Chandra to thwart any GOP attempt to clamp down on illegitimate voting. Time and rapidly changing demographics will take care of the rest.

In an address to the City Club of Cleveland Ohio on January 10, 2014, San Francisco lawyer and Democratic Party power player Steve Phillips laid out the simple arithmetical basis for his emerging “New American Majority” – aka socialist One Party State.

Latinos, Asian Americans, African Americans, Native Americans, and mixed-race Americans are now 36% of the population… Which brings us to another very important, yet historically neglected and overlooked minority group in America — progressive whites.

In terms of U.S. politics, people have always thought that there were too few progressive whites to matter. But with the growth of the Latino, Black, and Asian populations, that is no longer the case. .. Going back to Jimmy Carter’s election, we see that anywhere from 34% to 48% of whites have voted for the Democratic candidate for President. That’s an average of 41% of Whites voting Democratic. And, so, back to our arithmetic, 64% of the country is White, and 41% of those Whites are progressive, that means that progressive Whites make up 26% of the entire country. If you add that 26% to the 36% who are people of color, you get 62%, a clear majority of the United States.

The obvious comeback is that many “People of Color” are conservative. Phillips has that covered.

The data shows that the vast majority of people of color vote Democrat. In the last election, 80% of people of color voted Democratic. 80% of the entire People of Color population is 29% of the entire country’s population. If you add that 29% to the 26% of the country that are the white progressives, you get 55%. 29% + 26% = 55%. That is the new majority in America.

And Phillips is right. Obama proved this twice. If the Democrats hadn’t depressed their own base with the worst possible candidate in 2016, and Donald Trump hadn’t been so politically incorrect, Phillip’s math would have carried the day again. We would have a far-left Democratic President today, and probably forever.

This also explains why the left hates President Trump with such intensity. If the President can “build the wall,” reducing the flow of drugs and illegal alien labor into American communities, many black and American born Asian and Latino voters will abandon the Democratic Party – for good. The Donkey, not the Elephant, will make the endangered species list.

Whichever side wins the 2018 and 2020 elections could dominate this country for a very long time.

Steve Phillips is working hard with mega-rich leftists, progressives and communists to tilt the balance in the left’s favor. Ohio, one of the most important “swing states” in the country, is an important target for this cabal.

Phillips’ speech to the City Club was organized by prominent Cleveland lawyer Subodh Chandra. Phillips almost certainly met Chandra when they were both active in student politics in the 1980s.

At Stanford University Steve Phillips was closely associated with the pro-China League of Revolutionary Struggle, was active in the Black Student Union, and was a leader in 1984 and 1988 of the Jesse Jackson/Rainbow Coalition wing of the Democratic Party. In 1988, Subodh Chandra was co-chair of the Stanford Democrats.

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