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The real minimum wage is $0 (zero, nothing, nada) per hour

High minimum wages just help force a West Coast restaurant chain into bankruptcy, and it has already closed multiple locations.  This means that a growing number of the chain’s workers will not be earning the legally mandated minimum wage of $15 an hour — and many earned more — but the economically realistic $0 per hour.  In other words, nothing.  Or for the multicultural and diverse politically correct crowd…nada.  That’s Spanish for…nothing.  And many only Spanish immigrant (both legal and illegal) speakers work in the food service and restaurant industries.

And that’s only a small example of the real-life effects of increasing the minimum wage: those most financially vulnerable, such as the unskilled, the least experienced, Afro-Americans and other “people of color” (sic), the young, the minimally educated will suffer the most.  Now, thanks to the do-gooders — i.e., lefty legislators, highly paid union officials, and other self-anointed moral regressives (often erroneously called progressive, but there is nothing progressive about them), who will not suffer from their public virtue-signaling, thousands of people will be unemployed.

Apparently, the highly paid legislators and union hacks have not read the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office report, […]

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