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The unspeakable, duplicitous cowardice of the Republicans in Congress

While there are a few exceptions who need to be celebrated — Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Matt Gaetz, and Jim Jordan, to name the most prominent of the heroes — the rest of the Republicans in Congress are abject cowards.  So anxious to go along to get along with the establishment they were oh, so comfortable with, they have been and are willing to betray their constituents to regain their access to power and money.  Forget representing the people; they represent themselves.

President Trump is the best man for the party to come along since Reagan, and they are nearly all ready to throw him under the bus.  It is disgusting.  No conservative should ever again donate a dime to any of the traitors who claim to hold conservative values.  Very few of them do.  Even McConnell of the Senate and McCarthy of the House are working to undermine Trump’s legitimate attempt to expose the massive election fraud that took place on November 3.

Do these traitorous Republicans think we have short memories?  That we will forget or not notice who among them is not fighting for the landslide victory that Trump clearly won?  […]

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