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There Was Never An Argument For Not Letting Trump End DACA

Live by the executive order, die by the executive order.

That’s the central principle of radical governance. Obama governed by executive order. His illegal amnesty of some illegal aliens, known as DACA, or the Dreamers, was bad enough legally on its own terms, but the idea, postulated by Democrat judges, that Trump was obligated to abide by it was worse.

The argument comes down to process. The Trump administration, we are repeatedly told, owes more of an explanation.

That this absurdity is even being put forward as an argument in front of the Supreme Court shows what a mockery jurisprudence has become. And the reality that there is a risk that Justice Roberts might bite shows what a farce the judiciary has become. It’s the same thin pretext that Democrat judges have been using to sabotage Trump moves. It’s a non-argument that would never   […]

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