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This UN judgment opens the door to permanent “climate refugee” status.

Most of the people who enter America illegally do so for economic reasons. Of late, Progressives contend that the economic problems in poor countries are due to climate change. (Leftists claim that everything negative is due to climate change.) The U.N. has now issued a ruling holding within it the promise that anyone who claims climate change is a serious issue in the home country (and keep in mind that all future climate change damages are highly speculative) is a refugee who cannot be turned away.

The sad reality is that Third World countries have problems much greater than the earth’s ever-shifting climate. They are plagued by systemic corruption, socialism, theocratic tyrannies, centuries of endemic poverty and disease, and equally old cultural patterns inconsistent with modern wealth creation. That we may be entering another solar minimum cycle is the least of their worries.

But that’s not how U.N. bureaucrats view the climate’s effect on impoverished countries. Or rather, at the U.N., it doesn’t matter whether climate change is real. What really matters is that climate change is a vehicle for wealth transference. […]

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