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Time to Join the Rebellion

Democrats and fake news media hate Donald Trump and believe that no price is too high to remove him from the White House.  They plan to keep filling Americans with bogus fear about the coronavirus to keep the country shut down all the way to the November election.  They do not give a rat’s derrière about the shutdown causing 22 million people and climbing to lose their jobs.  Suicides are skyrocketing, lives are destroyed, and fortunes are being lost.

While much of Hollywood and corporate America share Democrats’ hatred for Trump, how long will they continue to allow Trump Derangement Syndrome to destroy their livelihoods?  Hollywood will lose $20 billion this year due to the shutdown.  The shutdown is causing each casino on the Vegas strip to lose $700,000 a day.  Broadcasters of the NBA, NHL, and MLB face losing $1 billion due to the shutdown.  Closed Disney parks are losing $30 million per day.

According to a Stanford UniversityUSC, and other studies, the coronavirus is nowhere near as deadly as we were told.

And yet, when Trump announced “Opening Up America Again,” Democrat governors immediately doubled down on their draconian edicts such as fining shoppers $500 for not wearing a mask.  Demanding that everyone wears a mask is intended to instill fear that deaths are on the rise.

Democrats hope bailouts will keep leftist institutions and corporations onboard their Shutdown-America-Destroy-Trump-Express.  How long will corporations put up with their industries being destroyed?  I suspect that corporations are ready to say, “Look, Democrats, we got caught up with your destroy-Trump-thing.  But this has gotten crazy.  Open the freaking country!”

A pundit said Trump must find a way to reopen the country without so many Americans feeling afraid.  Folks, that is an impossible task.  Democrats and fake news media are relentlessly pumping fear into our veins 24/7.  All they care about is exploiting this golden opportunity to blame Trump for the coronavirus and for collapsing our economy.  Their behavior says, “Screw the collapse of our country and screw the American people.”  They also believe that the coronavirus gifted them a golden opportunity to unconstitutionally implement all of their dream socialist/communist agenda items.

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