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Today’s Democratic Party: So simple, even a teenager can run it!

The Democratic Party, along with its liberal media allies and all its big-money supporters, has gone out of its way to say the gun control high school teen movement is completely “grassroots.”  What’s hard to swallow about that contention is that the longstanding Democratic gun control message seems to be the exact same message the high school teenagers are spouting on every liberal media outlet and at every rally.

Every word out of the mouths of these teens comes direct from the age-old Democrat anti-gun playbook that was around long before any of these teens were even born.  On one hand, you can excuse these teens being naïve about the longstanding Democrat gun control agenda.  On the other hand, they are mostly products of public schools, where they were taught from pre-school that guns are bad and must be controlled by the government.  In any case, the anti-gun portion of the Democrat playbook is not very complicated; it simply instructs Democrats to lay the blame of every shooting at the feet of the NRA and the Republican Party.  […]

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