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Vampire bats don’t stop biting cattle. Parasites don’t just leave their hosts? Could the most accomplished 2016 candidate married to a former president and rapist have done the trick?

Former Secretary of State and Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton visited New Zealand over the weekend, confessing she considered moving there after losing the 2016 election to Donald Trump.

Clinton recalled how her Kiwi friends suggested she move to New Zealand at a talk on Monday. “And I appreciated the offers. Gave them some thought,” she said at an event organized in Auckland by The Growth Faculty with ticket prices starting at NZ$195 ($135) and soaring to $595 ($415) for special seats, covered in a live blog in The New Zealand Herald.

Two things to remember about Hillary.

1. Hillary lies all the time


2. She lies all the time even when she doesn’t need to

Telling an audience in New Zealand that she was thinking of moving there is just the sort of thing that an attempted Marine Corps candidate who negotiated peace in Northern Ireland while landing under fire in Bosnia while carrying hot sauce in her purse and rooting for every baseball team ever… would do.

See the full story here.

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