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WHAT’S WRONG WITH PELOSI? Says Dem econ message ‘roasted’, ‘I eat nails for breakfast’


It’s only the motto of America.

As Nancy Pelosi was touting how much she cares about our country, she completely forgot the meaning of the de facto national slogan, “E pluibus unum.”

Speaking at the Progressive Caucus Center Strategy Summit this week, Pelosi said, “If we, we have to— with all of the vision that we may have about, uh, uh, E pluribus unum— and from one nation, you know, one, uh, uh, the idea of bringing us all together—whatever vision we have about liberty— life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans, all sharing in prosperity.”

The congressional leader — once two heartbeats from the presidency when she was Speaker of the House, apparently forgot the short Latin phrase means, “Out of […]


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