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Who’s wishing for a recession?

Left-wing comedian Bill Maher has let the cat out of the bag.  He speaks a truth that is in the heart of leftists everywhere but they dare not say too loudly — namely, their hope for a recession as a means of defeating President Donald Trump in 2020.

Devoid of winning issues, the Democrats need a recession to win the White House.  That a recession would harm many hundreds of thousands of average Americans doesn’t faze them.  According to the liberal mindset, it’s a worthwhile price to pay to stop Trump.  To them, it’s better to stagnate in Obama’s America than to have America healthy and vibrant with Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda.

Leftists don’t see a recession as that big a deal.  Recessions come and go, and the country survives.  That’s Maher’s rationale, and he’s not shy about making it.Then there are the media.  More than just hope for a recession, many in the media encourage it.  They do this by putting a negative spin on all the good news in the U.S. economy since Trump became president.  […]

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