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Why President Trump Shouldn’t Worry About a National Emergency “Precedent”

I am sympathetic to the argument that President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to build a wall would set a dangerous precedent that would then be abused by the Democrats to carry out radical gun control or global warming measures.

The problem with the argument is that I don’t think we’re at a point in history where there’s anything to restrain them from doing it anyway.

We just came off an administration that unilaterally passed its own version of illegal alien amnesty. And that illegal amnesty was then backed up by Democrat judges who have been insisting that Trump must abide by it.

This behavior had no precedent. But, much like ObamaCare’s abuse of reconciliation, it happened anyway.

If this were the Clinton administration which, as bad as it was in certain areas worked with Republicans and respected certain basic laws, precedents and public opinion, I would say that it’s a legitimate concern.

Obama completely broke the rule of law to force a radical agenda down America’s throat. And did so with judicial backing.

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