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Worries about Justice Ginsburg’s health driving the Left to issue threats against Trump replacing her

We already know that the Left regards the United States Constitution as a noxious constraint on their dream of using the might of the state to compel obedience to their dogmas, however they may evolve. The First and Second Amendments bother them a lot.  But when the Supreme Court is dominated by liberals who make-up rights they like from the previously-unknown penumbra of the “living” Constitution, that pesky document matters less.

But the news that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been treated for a recurrence of pancreatic cancer has the Left in a tizzy. Should President Trump be able to name a replacement for her and the GOP majority Senate confirm that nominee, the Court will have a 5 or 6 vote majority for originalism – actually following what the Constitution says, not what Liberals imagine it should have said.

This prospect led David Axelrod warn that progressives will tear the country apart if the Constitution is followed, should Justice Ginsburg succumb before Trump leaves office. Of course, he used the passive voice to avoid the truth that the Left will be the ones doing the tearing apart:

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