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You’ll never guess what a British woman said about Winston Churchill

A British woman made headlines for saying something about Winston Churchill that was so ignorant many people assumed the story was from the Babylon Bee (the best social and political satire site on the web), rather than being a real news story. While her comment is laughable, it reveals a serious problem with Western culture: Rather than having barbarians outside the gate pounding to get in, they’re already inside it the gate because we created them through our educational systems.

The word “barbarian” comes from the Greek bárbaros, which means someone strange or foreign. Barbarians, by definition, are outsiders. In the ancient world, they were the tribes that took advantage of failing empires to invade and, once inside, showed no respect for the empire’s cultural heritage, its history, or its values. Indeed, the barbarian’s lack of respect lingers in the word “vandal,” the name of the 5th-century Germanic tribes who sacked Rome, utterly destroying many of its structures and treasures, as well as killing its people.

We in the West has done something new and different in human history. We’ve created our own barbarians through an education system that has left people taught within our system as ignorant of our cultural heritage, our history, and our values as any marauder bearing down on the ancient world.

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