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No One Wants The Democratic Agenda – Ep. 739

Today’s show rundown:

Mark is out this week in Chicago, so our favorite Co-Host Fill in, Nick Giordano is here again. Chuck gets us started talking about how Team Biden is actually who is responsible for all the problems we are facing now. Biden alone can’t be causing these problems. It’s the entire Democratic Party that is at fault, Biden is just doing whatever they tell him what to do.

Nick notes how all the Democratic Congress people are coming out complaining about Biden. It is the Democratic Agenda that people don’t like. We don’t like paying 5 dollars and up for gas, empty store shelves, and electric cars. All these marches in California and New York – what is going to change. People, time and time again, go to the polls and vote how their personal economy is.

Republicans still need to stand for SOMETHING – we need a plan of how to reverse this course. Even when we do win in the coming election, we need to understand we are limited to what we can do. You see more and more stories come out negatively impacting Biden to help him along with NOT running for President in his next term.

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