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Norton for Congress – An Interview With Elijah Norton – Ep. 720

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck is feeling a little under the weather today, but Mark is going to soldier on. Mark gets into the Roe v. Wade leak right away. He is of the mindset that it is up to the states to decide whether they have abortion or not. Letting the states decide what’s best for their people and population. Mark talks about how the left is going to use this to hide all things like the border, inflation, the economy. This is the opportunity for the Democrats to make gains that we did not count on. For the Republicans, the timing is bad, so as conservatives we need to keep the focus on the real issues, not Roe v. Wade.

We meet Elijah, who tells us a little about where he came from and what he does. More importantly he tells us why he wants to go into politics now, even though he already has a successful business. He got really political involved in 2020, when the income tax was supposed to get raised on small business owners. This money was of course supposed to go to the schools, but as he looked deeper, he found this was NOT the case.

The Founding Fathers never intended for politics to be a career choice. It was intended to be a public service, a sacrifice. Elijah does not want to be a career politician, he believes in term limits. He has committed for 8 years, and then wants to be out. This is a time in our Nations history where Elijah believes his skill set will contribute to the solution. Will the Left make the next election about abortion, will they play on that “Republicans want to take away your rights”.


Elijah Norton started a business at 21 years old with only $1,000, ten years later that same business employs over 100 people and generates more than $100MM in annual revenue. Being a business leader in the greater Phoenix area has given Elijah a unique perspective on how bad federal policy, overreaching tax policy, and regulations directly affect the economy and everyday lives of Valley citizens. Elijah plans to fight to extend the job-creating Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), conservative health insurance reform, and plans on supporting tough policy against the rising threat of China. Elijah is running for Congress because the people of the Northeast Valley deserve ethical and true Conservative leadership restored in Washington.

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