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Our Altered Reality – Ep. 777

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck starts us out with how the FBI, the DOJ were running Twitter before Elon took over. Its plain and easy to see that our government agencies were involved with controlling narrative on social media. Mark thinks there is no chance that the FBI will become a legitimate organization again. Basically everything Trump said was going on was indeed going on. Once the Jan 6th report gets to the DOJ, they are going to tear it up, there is nothing there, its a joke.

The main stream media is great at cutting up Trumps speeches and only showing what they want to show. In particular when he told people to go peacefully and patriotically. But this committee is trying to criminally charge Trump with things he did NOT do…that he had inaction. You cant charge a person for what you did not do, you can only charge people for things they DID do.

This Omnibus bill, that extends to September 2023, to it takes up to a year of the new congresses power away. These swamp creatures are divided and just fight over everything. You have a minority, constitutionally-minded group, and the rest of them just feed off the public trough. This dang bill was written by 2 people who aren’t even going to be there, these guys are leaving office. This plan is to do as much damage as they can on the way out. We have not seen anything yet as far as inflation, it’s going to get much worse.

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