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Our Ineffective Administration – Ep. 710

Today’s show rundown:

Can we have a more ineffective President. How the Left and the media carry this guy’s water is just ridiculous. Biden goes home every weekend, while Ukraine is burning, he is out bicycle riding. He thinks that being in the White House just really doesn’t matter. It’s embarrassing really, and HOW is no one in the Democratic Party embarrassed by this? How long can we plow through this kind of junk for the next 3 years?

We are at a point right now where the majority of the media is propaganda. Chuck resents the fact that no one will get into the Hunter Biden situation. This guy has made a mint through his father, at the expense of the American people. Chuck watches all the Sunday shows…all the media…and he thinks it’s a travesty that all these media outlets are covering for Biden. Everything is always someone else’s fault, Biden NEVER gets blamed for his shortcomings. We aren’t a weak country, we have horribly weak leadership.

It’s been said by great people from the past, that you get the government you deserve. Chuck might disagree that we may NOT have actually got the president we voted for. 80 million people voted for Biden even though we had massive voter suppression. We’ve asked the question…”what’s wrong with Romney”. Mark says they whole Mormon and Latter Day Saints groups are a far left liberal organization. At Brigham Young University, the students are told to walk around campus and snap photos of when they see “whiteness” taking place. What is this whiteness you is a location of structural advantage or race advantage, a set of cultural practices that are unmarked and un named – I mean really…you could say this about ANY group, this is so vague.


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