Chuck Woolery’s Career in Show Business – Episode 108

In this InBetweenIsode, hosts Mark Young and Chuck Woolery answer listener questions about Chuck’s career, including where it all started for the TV legend. It’s a short episode, but it’s packed with great stories from Chuck’s life in show business, the origins of Wheel of Fortune and Scrabble, and some good advice for life.

America’s Problem with Guns – Episode 107

Dr. John Lott, Jr., renowned economist and expert on guns and crime, joins hosts Chuck Woolery and Mark Young to discuss America’s changing views on guns and how gun laws and ownership affect violent crime here and throughout the world. It’s a fascinating discussion that looks at public opinion and how hard numbers provide a strong case for Second Amendment rights.

Jonathan Winters – Episode 106

In this InBetweenIsode, Blunt Force Truth hosts Chuck Woolery and Mark Young talk about the first time Chuck met Hollywood legend Jonathan Winters. Winters was a major force in Chuck’s life, and the two would become lifelong friends after this first meeting.

A Brave New Diet – Episode 105

Co-author of The Happiness Diet and nutrition expert Tyler Graham joins Blunt Force Truth hosts Chuck Woolery and Mark Young to talk about what Americans eat and how the FDA is misleading us.

The 17th Amendment and the Future of American Politics – Episode 104

Hosts Chuck Woolery and Mark Young welcome author, Constitutional expert and Hillsdale College history professor Dr. Paul Rahe to discuss the 17th Amendment and how it has changed American politics. Episode highlights include the birth of the progressive movement, a look forward to the 2016 presidential election and a thoughtful discussion about what makes a good president.

A Doctor’s Views on ObamaCare – Episode 103

Dr. Kris Held joins Chuck Woolery and Mark Young on Blunt Force Truth to discuss the pitfalls of ObamaCare from an insider’s perspective. Dr. Held has been recognized in Best Doctors in America – and she is one of the most knowledgeable and outspoken critics of the “Affordable Care Act.”

The Left’s Pseudo Intellectuals – Episode 102

Hosts Chuck Woolery and Mark Young discuss the pseudo intellectuals in government and the educational system. The two explore the deficiencies of modern education, including the focus on “soft skills” that come from a liberal arts degree and the need for more “hard skills” that help develop and support an economy.

Series Premiere – Episode 101

The series premiere of Blunt Force Truth features a one-on-one interview with the show’s host, Chuck Woolery. With co-host Mark Young, Chuck discusses conservative politics, his time as a conservative in Hollywood, how (and why) the left can’t settle on a label for themselves, and epistemology.