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Pathological Liars Running Our Country – Ep. 714

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck starts us out talking Elon Musk. He just became the controlling / major stock holder for Twitter. He is now the Left’s new “enemy number 1”. He really believes in free speech. The Left is going to chomp him up as much as they can. He is for oil, and for a-lot of things that Mark and Chuck are for, and he has 300 Billion dollars. He needs to find other members of the board to agree with him before he can make any real change over there, he is trying to bring some sanity to Twitter.

Chuck brings up a guy named Victor Orban – the EU version of Ron DeSantis. Chuck goes on to tell us a little about him, the Pres. Of Hungary and very much into borders. Keep your ears open for the name Viktor Orban.

The guys talk about how neither of them played High School football, and this could be why neither of them have all these serious injuries. Both of them live a very healthy, clean living. Chuck talks about his Hollywood parties where there were piles, just fountains of cocaine laying around everywhere. Mark talks about Ad parties from his past where there similar drugs just all over the place, and how he tried to fit in, in that world.

Chuck is ON FIRE about The Biden Administration on fossil fuels, then blames the oil companies or Putin for the higher prices, Chuck is just sick of it. So many things in Washington now are “under investigation”, thats how they just kick the can down the road. Mark says this is the most corrupt administration in the history of our country.


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