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Permit-less Carry signed into legislation in Texas – Ep. 637

Today’s show rundown:
Governor Abbott is making waves
Permit-less carry is passed into legislation in Texas
Florida sent troops to help with the Border Crisis in Texas
We are under assault by Marxists ideology from so many fronts in this country
Our own darn flag is “Racist” now according to the Left
1619 project is not true, it is not real, it’s made up
The Left is great at NORMALIZING “crazy talk”
This past weekend was “Sperm Donor’s” Day
Chuck has never seen the Country so upside down as it is now
Mark thinks the FBI is out of control
The Left changing words again with the Capitol Riot
BFT has more listenership than many hour blocks of MSNBC
Chuck drops facts on Twitter and gets all the hate
Was the Gov. Whitmer kidnapping manufactured
The Biden Administration is changing words to make questioning government “White Supremacy”
Mark reads an IRS order from a Dir. Stephen Martin to deny a tax free status to a Christian Non-Profit
Chuck mentioned how Marxism has even infiltrated The Muslim Religion
Chicago and the mess it is in – the Mayor wants Federal Support
Hollywood is cranking out BOMBS based in Wokeism


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