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Politics & COVID – An Interview with Mike Detmer – Ep. 657

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck talks Afghanistan. We just got out of there, and Joe Biden is a puffed up coward. Biden has said “The buck stops with me”, and the retreat from the region has been nothing short of a disaster. This is a totally political move, not a strategic decision at all. But Chuck tells us what Biden is going to get out of this. How the Left and the MSM is going to jump on the bandwagon of “we got out of Afghanistan”. But, was the mission accomplished, and at what cost was it for us?

What we do know, is that we left a-lot of people behind, and the State Department can NOT tell us who they are. There is some confirmation bias with Biden, where he has been allowed to lie to the American people, and he gets away with it. He has a history of blatantly lying, and we just pass it off as old Crazy Joe. But now that he is the President, it is far harder to just brush this off. Mark believes that Joe Biden is consumed with hatred for Donald Trump, and it is now a psychosis or mental illness. Mark goes on to explain what he means by this.

We welcome the guest Mike Detmer. “Whats right with Mike”, that he wants to put himself running in The 8th District? Its the issue of NOT sitting around with your kids in the future remembering what Freedom WAS like. We are sitting here watching these people squander the god given freedoms that we have fought for, and THAT is why Mike is doing this.

The biggest fundamental problem is that The Left is Socialist, and The Republicans are moving that direction. Biden may not even know he is in The White House. Our State Department has been a mess since the Reagan Era? Is the government trying to put small businesses out of business? Is this how they will push the socialist agenda? How does Mike deal with running his business with the current state of employment and how he can not keep people employed because it is easier for them to sit at home.

Mike grew up in a small town in northern Michigan near Traverse City where his parents owned a real estate company and a Christmas tree business. It was as a boy and young man in northern Michigan where he began to learn the value of hard work by spending his days in the Christmas tree fields when not in school. Mike also learned about the outdoors and became a proficient hunter and sportsman. When Mike was a freshman in high school, his parents moved him to Rochester Hills Michigan where he finished high school at Rochester Adams High. After high school, he attended Oakland University where he studied political science and served as President of the College Republicans. Mike graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.
After college, Mike worked as a loan originator for a mortgage broker based in Bloomfield Hills and quickly worked his way up to Vice President of the company. In 1999 he met his lovely wife Kriston and married in 2001. In 2002, the couple moved to Kansas with their special needs Son and opened a branch of the Michigan-based mortgage company. In 2004, Mike switched gears and jumped into the automotive industry after the mortgage company he worked for dissolved in Michigan.
After almost 12 years in Kansas, Mike and his wife decided to leave and move to Florida where their Son could finish high school. Their son Zach is profoundly deaf and the schools in Kansas were becoming inadequate.
In 2015, the Detmer family returned to Michigan and purchased a home in Howell to be near Kriston’s family and now focus attention on their daughter’s education.
Mike’s work in the automotive business and Kriston’s career as a local Realtor have allowed them to really come to know, connect and appreciate the character, charm and integrity of the people of Livingston county. After having spent many years away, they feel it was like coming home, which is why Mike ran for the US House of Representatives in 2020 and has been fighting so hard for the people of the area and the state. This is also why he is once again jumping back in the race for the US House in Michigan’s 8th District again for 2022.
You will see the slogan “Mike Speaks Michigan” on his social media profiles, on literature and on his website because he understands and shares the sentiment and values of those who live in the 8th Congressional District, who deserve trusted leadership in elected office with a main objective to truly represent the people.
During the last campaign, Mike drafted and issued his “Contract with Michigan” which promised results for the people. Now, he is releasing an even bolder platform called his “Pledge to the People” which will get them results not excuses. Mike has vowed to take his common sense, straight-forward and no-excuse business approach to Washington D.C. to get things done!


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